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Irrigated agriculture as an indicator of socio-political stability in the Wadi el Far'a, West Bank Public Deposited

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  • The Wadi el Far'a catchment is a tributary of the Jordan River located entirely the West Bank in the Middle East. Increasing population in the catchment, with economic development, is likely to increase water needs in this water region. In the water management of the region, agriculture is an essential dominant component, currently amounting to 80%, total water use (Merrett, 2002). There are data that suggest that an increase in irrigated agriculture possible and desirable. First, the total irrigated area has actually decreased recent years, due probably to current geopolitical tensions (Palestinian Group cited in Beschorner, 1992). Second, there exists a 33% irrigated / land ratio (Elmusa, 1997). Third, (irrigated) agriculture is a major component the economy Allen 1999). This paper looks at the relationship between irrigated farmland and political tension, and examines the hypothesis that socio-political for a documentable increase in area of irrigated agriculture. The political boundaries and milieux delineate area of varying socio-political stability is suggested that socio-political stability promotes agricultural infrastructure, access to water, and markets needed for the investment of irrigated agriculture. A brief context of water use, land use, and agriculture in the catchment presented vis-à-vis the geopolitical situation. A variety of Remote Sensor and Geographic Information System (GIS) data are analyzed with geographic techniques to determine any significant differences in the agricultural landscape between three distinct political eras: Period I: between the first Intifada Palestinian Uprising) and the Oslo Agreement; Period II: after the Oslo Agreement up to the second Al-A qsa Intifada; and Period Ill: during the Al-A qsa Intifada to the present.
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