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Design and implementation of a simplified Kalman filter for an ocean circulation model

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  • A Kalman filter was developed to recover information on short period variations of ocean circulation from the satellite altimeter signals for the North Pacific Ocean. The ocean circulation at each grid point is specified by three variables: sea level height h, zonal velocity u, and meridional velocity v. In our simplified Kalman filter, the gain matrix is constructed only for the variable h, and u and v are derived from h. Assuming that the errors at two locations more than 800-kilometers apart are independent, the storage requirement and time complexity for the simplified Kalman filter are both reduced from O(N² to O(N). We confirmed by two experiments that the simplified Kalman filter can recover the short period variations for ocean circulation by filtering out the noise in the simulated altimeter signals.
  • Keywords and Phrases: Ocean circulation, shallow-water equations, Kalman filter, satellite altimeter observation, quasi-geostrophic balance
  • **1994 best estimate for issue date and commencement year based on available information.**
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