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An evaluation of two timber supply models for state assessments

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  • The objectives of this paper are to: (1) describe the structure and output of SHRUB and RMS8O, (2) evaluate their respective ability to satisfy the needs of a state level timber assessment, and (3) demonstrate their application to forest planning using the state of California as the focus of a case study. The results of the SHRUB runs made for this analysis were compared to the results of previous research on the same regions conducted with the RMS8O model (McLean, 1981). Both sets of runs utilized the same data base and management assumptions. In the process of evaluating SHRUB and RMS8O, this paper addresses assessment objectives and approaches, as well as types of computer-based models. To put SHRUB and RMS8O and the type of analysis that follows into perspective, the next chapter presents some background information on timber supply analysis objectives and models.
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