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  • Personalization is defined as a process that facilitates interaction among consumers and providers such that individual consumers are enabled to more readily access the content and services of providers, and individual providers are enabled to more effectively and easily deliver their content and services to consumers. This project presents a personalization framework for web and e-business applications that builds on the architectural model presented by In.stone in [3] as well as foundation work presented by Toth in [1]. This personalization framework incorporates consumer-provider attributes; considers system/network variables; and models personalization as a constraint-based problem. An initial working prototype constraint engine for processing personalization preferences is also built for a prolific messaging application. In this messaging application users collaborate with each other and with web applications using email, instant messaging and short text messaging services employing their PCs, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and cell phones. The users define all the communication channels have a single ID for all their communication channels. manage their messaging channels by defining preferences 011 how to use their channels. These preferences are then processed by the application through the constraint engine to personalize their communication through the messaging channels.
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