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  • Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) is a standard for estimating soil loss caused by rainfall and overland flow. The current software tool that implements this standard is RUSLE 1.06b, which is a stand-alone DOS application. In this project, we converted the DOS application to a Web application, which we call Web-based RUSLE (WebRUSLE). WebRUSLE stores the data for fields, climate, soil types, cover-managements, and support practices in a relational database. The data stored in the database can be accessed with Web forms. Furthermore, the user can specify the location of a field on an interactive map so that the soil types and the area of the field can be automatically determined. The result of the calculation is displayed on Web pages as a graph as well as in text.
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  • This work was partially supported by a specific cooperative agreement with the USDA Agricultural Research Service and the Yolo County California Resource Conservation District as a part of grant from the CalFed Bay-Delta Restoration Program.
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