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  • The potential of the Internet-especially, the World Wide Web- as a medium for instruction has been realized. Numerous web-based courses have been de­veloped in the recent past. However, most of these courses are nothing but glorified texts. The reasons being (a) lack of understanding of the pedagogic challenges of web-based instruction and (b) the unavailability of tools to en­hance student learning. QuestWriter™ is an on-line course management system. It provides tools that can be very easily plugged into web-based courses to create on-line quizzes, to implement collaborative discussions, to maintain a comprehensive on-line student Gradebook etc., QuestWriter™ is based on effective pedagogic practices for web-based in­struction practiced and preached by the InterQuest™ community. QuestWriter™ (version 1.0) has been used at Oregon State University to deliver 4 sections of Mth251 (an introductory calculus course) and Phil201 (an introductory philosophy course) in Fall 1996. Five other courses (that use QuestWriter™) are under development and will be offered to students via the web after Fall 1996.
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