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  • HIGHLIGHTS HISTORICAL MARKET DEVELOPMENT Headed and gutted (H&G) is the only product form of Pacific whiting which has been successfully developed by the domestic west coast seafood industry. This success is attributed to the development of a production and marketing concept which minimized enzyme and texture related quality problems. Attempts to market other product forms have been too small and too disorderly to effectively address product quality issues. Profits and margins for the H&G west coast industry, however, have been relatively modest due to disorganized marketing efforts and limited bargaining power. Given the specialized markets for H&G whiting, significant production increases by west coast processors could lead to price reductions. NATIONAL MARKET SURVEY A national market survey was conducted to explore market opportunities for expanded shore-based production of Pacific whiting. Survey objectives included developing information on optimal product forms, relative importance of product characteristics, product demand, and the effects of alternative contractual arrangements. PORTFOLIO OF PRODUCT FORMS By strategically controlling product quality a "portfolio of" product forms could be processed from Pacific whiting including H&G, fillets, surimi, minced, and breaded products. Given variations in both market conditions and intrinsic product characteristics, strategies based on diversified products would be advantageous for sustaining development and reducing overall industry risks. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Alternative characteristics of Pacific whiting are not considered as important as price for low value products such as H&G. For higher priced products such as fillets and breaded portions, other product characteristics become relatively more important in impacting marketing opportunities. PRODUCT DEMAND IN INTERMEDIATE MARKETS Various characteristics of intermediary market buyers will influence the demand for alternative whiting product forms, product attributes, and contractual arrangements. In general, the further downstream the market sector the relatively more important product characteristics become. These findings have important implications for developing marketing and sales strategies. COOPERATION AND RISK SHARING A significant degree of cooperation, risk sharing, and marketing commitment is essential among industry sectors in order to effectively solve product quality problems. To address these issues the industry should develop formal associations and generic quality standards. STATE SUPPORT State and local governments should encourage the industry to control product quality, solve waste disposal problems, and develop effective fisheries policy strategies. REGULATORY STRATEGIES Regulatory strategies for the Pacific whiting fisheries should be structured to effectively control fishing effort and to consider market related issues in order to realize the full economic potential of this developing industry.
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