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  • Data structures are essential for any programming task. Most of modem programming lan­guages have a library of reusable data structures. In this project, Smalltalk-like collection classes have been implemented as a Java package. This package, collections, con­tains several useful data structures such as binary tree, B-Tree, bag, list, hash table and hash dictionary. Each of the data structures implemented in the package also has an associ­ated enumeration. The enumerations in the package have an extensive hierarchy which facilitates different ways of traversal on the collections. Package collections also contains several generic algorithms for searching an element in a collection, sorting a col­lection, copying one collection into another, removing undesired elements from a collec­tion and transforming a collection by applying some operation on its elements. The generic algorithms are designed so that they are not dependent on the type of data struc­ture. Package collections can be used in any programming task where any of the data structures implemented in the package are required. It helps in cutting down the software development time and in building robust code.
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