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Forestry herbicide use on private forest lands in Lincoln and Benton County Oregon, 1991-1994

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  • The use of phenoxy herbicides is an established practice in industrial forestry, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Forestry herbicide use in this region has often been controversial. To better understand the spatial patterns of herbicide use and the potential for human health and environmental impacts, a landscape level perspective is necessary. This study analyzes forestry herbicide use in Lincoln and Benton counties in the northern Oregon Coast Range between 1991 and 1994. Notification records filed with the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) were used as the primary data source. Herbicide use was mapped for each county at the section (one square mile) resolution, and a selected area within each county at the 1/4 1/4 section (40 acre) resolution. Database and spreadsheet programs were used to calculate the total acres sprayed per section for this period, and the resulting acreage and location data imported into a Geographic Information System (GIS) for map compilation. A background of forestry herbicide history and use is presented, and mapping methodology is discussed. Data tables and charts indicating various relationships between landowner and acres sprayed were created. Significant variation in the spatial extent of herbicide use in each county was found, as well as variation between landowners, season, and years.
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