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  • Spreadsheet languages are widely used by end users for many different purposes. Previous research shows that spreadsheets often contain faults. To help end users test their spreadsheets, in previous research, a testing methodology for spreadsheets has been developed. methodology is supported by an automatic test case generation (ATCG) methodology. These methodologies help end users develop tests for their spreadsheets. After a spreadsheet is changed, however, it must be re-tested, and tests and debug information previously established for that spreadsheet are often still valuable for this retesting. This leads us to consider a regression testing methodology for spreadsheets, in which prior tests and test information are reused. Examining existing work on regression testing, however, we find that research in this field is directed at imperative languages and no discussion exists addressing regression testing for spreadsheet languages. To address this lack, in this project, we developed several regression testing methodologies for spreadsheet languages including two retest all approaches (which reuse an tests) and two selective retest approaches (which selectively reuse tests). We have prototyped our regression testing methodologies for spreadsheet languages and implemented them in the research spreadsheet language, Forms/3. Our methodologies support the incremental testing and regression testing of spreadsheets and operate seamlessly behind the scenes. To evaluate the feasibility of using our methodologies in retesting spreadsheets, we conducted a case study. The results of our study show that the two selective retest approaches were much more efficient than ATCG and the two retest all approaches, and they were also very effective. The results also suggest directions for future studies of our methodologies.
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