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  • Web-based online learning is seeing great adoption alongside the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom model. Online collaborative applications, tutorials and learning platforms have been a great source of knowledge for users. However, most of these applications do not provide much organizational structure to help guide and motivate users in learning new skills. In addition, many of these applications could be improved in their level of assistance for engagement and collaboration among learners to help stimulate learning in the first place. This Master’s report presents the new developed application Learnify, which helps users manage and inspire learning. Learnify enables users to organize their resources in an ‘easy to file’ way and create a structure following the “playlist” metaphor. Learnify enables users to discover interesting skills and find predefined set of relevant resources by following other users’ playlists. Evaluation of Learnify has been done qualitatively and quantitatively through a user study. All participants agreed that Learnify provides enhanced opportunity and more convenience to discover new skills and find relevant resources throughout the learning process.
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  • 2020-06-10 to 2021-01-11



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