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  • People like going on trips with friends and tend to plan their trips well in advance to have the best possible experience of a destination and get the most out of the places they visit and/or the activities they plan to partake in. Right now, the Internet provides a wealth of information that people and their friends can consider before actually starting a trip. It can comprise of interesting things to do or places to visit, finding a place to stay, finding places to eat, etc. Most online platforms restrict the information specific to their domain (flights, hotels, tour packages, etc). When planning a trip it is essential for the user to be able to go through the available choices and aggregate the results. Likewise, when planning in groups, the group leader has to consider suggestions proposed by other group members when deciding between different trip options. This drives the requirement for a common platform where the user can explore all possible options to help plan their trip, as well as consider the preferences of the entire group. To smooth this process, this Master’s project presents Trip Poll, a trip planning platform which is easy to use, saves time and effort and integrates with 3rd party services in order to make the entire process of planning a trip in a group a whole lot smoother.
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