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Could Oregon Replicate Finland's National Housing First Program? Public Deposited

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  • There are moral, ethical, and economic reasons supported by empirical research as to why governments and institutions need to take a greater stance on housing the homeless. The Finnish government with the collaboration of various institutions such as the NGO Y-Foundation, has made tremendous strides in reducing the homeless population in their country by using the "housing first" model. The state of Oregon in the United States has many of the same qualities as Finland, in their geographic makeup, demographics, and its progressive politics. The two places at one time even shared the same number of homeless individuals "rough sleeping". So how is it that Finland has decreased the numbers oh homeless while Oregon has the fourth-highest homeless population in the US? I argue that the difference is due to the institutions and the language these institutions use expressing, how they view social welfare, homelessness, and the power dynamics between the institutions in charge.
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