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  • New MS in CS students in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science school at OSU are required to file their Program of Study by the end of their 2nd term. Many of them, especially international students, are in a totally new ecosystem, so they find it overwhelming to choose the right courses, and to understand the degree requirements. They face questions such as “I’m interested in Data Science, which courses should I be taking?”, “Would this course meet the graduation requirements set by school?”, “What are slash courses?”, “Which bucket does this course belong to?”, etc. Students must come up with a tentative coursework plan, also known as Program of Study. Typical situations students find themselves while filling out the Program of Study would be “How many credits was this class for again?”, or “Is this a slash course? Would it count towards graduation?”, etc. Further complicating the process, manually filling out the PDF template provided by the university is cumbersome. The GradPlan web application addresses these issues by guiding the user through few steps and generating a PDF file which could be submitted as the Program of Study document required by the school. This document satisfies the course requirements set by the school for MS in CS students. The GradPlan system allows MS in CS students to create a satisfactory Program of Study document in a fast and efficient manner thus saving time. This promising result suggests that the GradPlan system could serve as a starting point for future enhancements for a fully automated Course Recommender system which could be used by all the graduate students in the School of EECS.
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