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The Jetson Artificial Intelligence Tool Chain (JAI-TC) Public Deposited

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  • The Jetson Artificial Intelligence Tool chain (JAI-TC) is a set of packages, APIs and libraries for Artificial Intelligence applications to be deployed on the NVidia SOC, Jetson TX2. JAI-TC automates the installation of these items allowing for a wider set of users to leverage these technologies. Prior to this, the process of building and testing these tools has made them inaccessible to a wide range of users from researchers to hobbyists. There are various challenges with regards to setting up and creating AI applications on Jetson. The challenge this project addresses is with regards to commonly used packages, APIs and libraries in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics and robotics for Jetson. These packages are often out of date, and difficult to build for a particular architecture. These packages include GPU accelerated OpenCV and the contributors repository for OpenCV, latest version of PyTorch, Caffe2, Latest GPU accelerated TensorFlow, and ROS. This project is aiming to reduce the complexity of building these tools by streamlining the build procedure for these tools in a single well documented and modular tool chain. This project could be a step in the direction of JAI-OS, an operating system build from ground up specifically for the purpose of performing GPU intensive AI computation.
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