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Lipid-protein interactions : autoxidation studies involving freeze-dried methyl linolenate-gelatin foams Public Deposited

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  • Studies involving freeze-dried methyl linolenate-gelatin foams indicate that the extent of lipid-protein interaction corresponds to the degree of autoxidation of the lipid fraction. It appears that approximately 11% of the malonaldehyde as defined by the 2-thiobarbituric acid test is firmly bound to the protein. The induction period of autoxidation is decreased by the addition of 20 ppm Fe +2 to the system and greatly increased by addition of 0.005% tertiary butyl hydroquinone. Menhaden oil-gelatin foams indicate that similar results could be expected from dehydrated foodstuffs of moderate lipid content.
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  • PHS research grant GM07006
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  • On envelope: "Paper in lieu of thesis for M.S. degree. H. Michael Wehr 1968"



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