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Corporate social responsibility and its implementation : a study of companies in the global forest sector

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  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be defined as companies acting in accordance with societal demands. In recent years, CSR has gradually become a leading issue in business. Heightened corporate attention to CSR has not been entirely voluntary. Many companies awoke to it only after being surprised by public response to issues they had not previously thought were part of their responsibilities. Firms should follow, even anticipate, these changes and adapt their activities according to the expectations of society. CSR has various meanings in different contexts. When identifying and anticipating CSR related issues, context should be taken into account. CSR can differ among industries. Thus, a closer look of CSR in a specific industry is necessary. CSR can also vary among countries and regions. It should be viewed from a regional perspective as well. It is also suggested in literatures that CSR is positively related to company size. Companies that have higher sales levels tend to have a higher CSR performance. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are used to investigate the current situation of large global forest products companies in terms of CSR implementation. The findings of this study outlines current situation of CSR implementation in the global forest sector. They provided Insights on how context could impact CSR implementation.
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