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The Cost of Caring: An Exploratory Study of the Professional Quality of Life of Early-Career SBAE Teachers in Oregon Public Deposited

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  • The purpose of this research is to describe the secondary traumatic stress (STS) levels of early career school based agriculture (SBAE) teachers. Using the professional quality of life (ProQOL) scale (Stamm, 2010) as a theoretical framework, secondary traumatic stress, burnout (BO) and compassion satisfaction (CS) levels were measured among (n = 49) respondents. Together, the respondents reported mean levels of STS (25.65), BO (27.16) and CS (36.40) in the moderate range (Stamm, 2010). The study also sought to analyze the relationship between secondary traumatic stress (STS) levels and burnout (BO) levels of the sample, determine if the relationship is positive and if it bore predictive qualities. The results indicated the linear relationship was positive, and demonstrated a “strong” (Dancey & Reidy, 2007) correlation with statistical significance (r_s= .70,p<.001). A significant regression equation was found [F(1,47) = 44.88, p<.001], with an R2 adjusted of .48. The results of the linear regression model were significant indicating that approximately 48% of the variance in BO is explainable by STS. STS significantly predicted BO, B = .57, t = 11.06, p<.001.
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