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Development and testing of a sustained release acetaminophen tablet for the treatment of chronic pain in osteoarthritis patients

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  • Acetaminophen has been safely used for analgesia for many years. Literature suggests that a plasma acetaminophen level of 5μg/ml is necessary to maintain analgesic relief in humans. Current dosing regiments are inconvenient (every 4-6 hours) and do not maintain this minimum plasma level. Simulations were conducted to examine various doses and input rates for sustained release formulations of acetaminophen. Once parameters were selected from the simulations, sample formulations were prepared and tested using standard dissolution techniques. Investigations into dose/size relationships, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) percentage for erosion matrix tablets, compression force, tablet shape, tablet divisibility, and granulation methods were performed for non-disintegrating hydrophilic matrix tablets. Tablets containing 5% and 7.5% HPMC were selected for pharmacokinetic study in 10 healthy human subjects. Tylenol Extra Strength and Tylenol Extended Relief tablets were administered as control formulations. Pharmacokinetic fitting of the kinetic profiles of all four formulations were performed using Win Nonlin. The formulations were best described by a 1-compartment open model with first order input and first order elimination. The 5% HPMC sustained release acetaminophen formulation was selected for Phase II clinical trials. Patients with osteoarthritis of the knee were recruited for a double blind crossover study of 5% HPMC sustained release acetaminophen formulations and immediate release acetaminophen. Patients received two tablets of study medication, four times a day for 4 weeks. After a seven day wash-out period patients were then crossed over to the other treatment. Patients were evaluated using a twelve question questionnaire and the time to walk 50 feet was measured. Thirty patients were enrolled in the study and seventeen patients completed the study. The sustained release formulations were statistically superior to the baseline treatments in reducing pain level, decreasing disability, and improving the duration of pain relief. Additional, larger scale studies are needed to confirm these findings.
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