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Developing Flavorful and Sustainable Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.): Integrating Malting Quality and Barley Contributions to Beer Flavor within the Framework of Facultative Growth Habit Public Deposited

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  • This dissertation consists of a general introduction, three manuscripts, and general conclusions. The research integrates research on (1) the effects of barley genetics and production environment on the contribution of barley to beer flavor, (2) the effects of degree of malt modification on barley contributions to beer flavor and (3) a genetic analysis of low temperature tolerance (LTT) and vernalization (VRN) sensitivity. The first manuscript reports the relative impacts of barley genotype and environment on sensory descriptors of beers brewed from a subsample of a bi-parental mapping population grown at three locations. The second manuscript addresses the effects of genotype and degree of malt modification on beer flavor based on two experiments involving: a) length of grain storage prior to malting using samples from one of the environments utilized in the first experiment and b) alterations of malting protocol to produce three levels of malt modification in two varieties. The third manuscript describes the results from association mapping of LTT and VRN sensitivity in a large sample of diverse barley accessions that were extensively phenotyped and genotyped. The results of the analysis are applied in the context of facultative growth habit – a tool for dealing with the challenges of climate change on barley production. These manuscripts comprise a roadmap for integrating sensory science with contemporary breeding methods for the development of value-added barley varieties.
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