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Remapping the Margins: Women's Narratives and Perspectives about Health and Access on the State of Amazonas Public Deposited

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  • According to the Girls’ Opportunity Index formulated by Lenhardt, et al, (2016), Brazil is the least favorable country in South America to succeed being born a woman, ranking the 102nd position out of 144 analyzed countries. This macro-level statistic speaks to the present landscape of gender inequality, shaped since the colonial period through the interlocking oppressive forces of capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. However, when we look deeper into the patterns such statistics represent, the stories and voices of marginalized women, such as women of color, indigenous women, and those living among the urban and rural poor, are often erased or overshadowed. This paper applies an intersectional feminist oral history approach to elevating the experiences and knowledge of one such group in Brazil: ribeirinhas. Living along the Amazon river system, this paper explores how ribeirinha women, both indigenous and non-indigenous, occupy various geographic and social margins. By documenting and analyzing their narratives of reproduction, birthing, and mothering along these margins, this thesis engages in a larger projects of transnational feminist memory-making and reproductive justice. This work ultimately asserts that stories “on the margins” should be brought to the center if we are to solve the complex problems related to planetary and population health.
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