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Africa-Appropriate Urban Stormwater Management: The State of the Art Public Deposited

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  • Urban development causes changes in the hydrology, increasing stormwater runoff volumes, which often leads to flooding and ecosystem degradation. This is a common phenomenon in most urban Africa, due to lack of stormwater drainage infrastructures. Green Infrastructure (GI) has been shown to be an effective approach to lessen the effects of stormwater. GI implementation and efficacy depends on the availability of hydrologically viable land. We allude the urgency of utilizing GI techniques due to the rapid land development and the associated loss of hydrologically critical areas, rapidly soaring land price and the opportunity cost of not using GI for stormwater management for sub-Saharan Africa. A feasibility assessment of a decentralized stormwater management strategy that utilizes GI, is applied to a flood prone area in North West Kampala, Uganda, Lubigi catchment. A rain garden - GI was selected, and the modeling approach is accomplished using SWMM model. It was found that by applying around 3% of GI (though studies suggest 15-20% for practical purposes from experience) the peak discharge was reduced by more than 98%.
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