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Development of a Hybrid Simulation for an Ocean Wave Energy Converter Public Deposited

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  • Ocean Wave Energy Converters (WECs) are of interest around the globe as global economies begin to shift their interest to renewable forms of energy. However, the devices are costly to construct–a quality that can be relieved through proper modeling, control, and implementation. This paper presents the numerical and hybrid simulation development of an Oscillating Water Column (OWC) in order to validate its performance and examine the effects of control strategies. Oscillating Water Columns rely on a water piston that oscillates in a chamber in order to generate a pressure head which acts on a mechanical turbine. The mechanical energy from the turbine is then converted to electrical energy to be placed on the grid via an on-board generator. The purpose of this project is to implement an existing model of an OWC onto hardware in the Wallace Energy Systems and Renewables Facility (WESRF) lab. The WEC hydrodynamics and aerodynamics are simulated in real-time in conjunction with the physical operation of a dynamometer coupled to a squirrel cage induction generator. Modeled incident waves are presented to the system and the electrical power generation is calculated via on-board sensors and direct measurement. Both a strictly numerical simulation and a hybrid simulation are presented.
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