Malicious-proof and fair credit-based resource allocation techniques for DSA systems Public Deposited


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  • In this paper, we propose a credit-based resource allocation technique for dynamic spectrum access (DSA) systems that is robust against malicious and selfi sh behaviors and ensures good overall system fairness performance while also allowing spectrum users to achieve high amounts of service. We also propose a new objective function that, when combined with the proposed credit-based technique, leads to further improvements of the system fairness performance. Our proposed techniques overcome user misbehavior by masking the impact of the users' pursued private objectives on the overall system performance. They also improve fairness among users by allocating service to users adaptively by accounting for how much service each user has received in the past. Our simulation results show that our proposed techniques maintain high system performance by allowing users to achieve high amounts of service and by ensuring fair allocation of spectrum resources among users even in the presence of misbehaved users. Using simulations, we also show that these high performances are also achievable under various di fferent network scenarios.
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