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Design of a 3-D Printed Eye Model for Quantification and Analysis of Retinal Image Distortion in the Ophthalmic Plaque Brachytherapy Treatment Planning Process Public Deposited

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  • Ophthalmic plaque brachytherapy is a form of internal radiation treatment for uveal melanoma, the most common eye cancer in adults. During treatment, a plaque containing radioactive seeds is surgically attached to the sclera, directly adjacent to the ocular tumor site. Plaque Simulator™ is an eye plaque brachytherapy planning software that simulates treatment prior to the administration of a high radiation dose to the patient. The program relies on images of the ocular region and tumor to reconstruct a three-dimensional (3-D) eye model and create an accurate radiation dose distribution. Fundus imaging is used to pinpoint the location of a tumor along the retinal wall, especially when the tumor is shallow and difficult to locate using computed tomography (CT). However, the conversion of the 3-D eye into a 2-D photograph inevitably leads to image distortion that can warp the perception of tumor location. To assess this distortion, a 3-D printed eye phantom was designed and printed to functionally model the size and simple optics of the average human eye during the fundus imaging process. The design included separate modeling of the anterior and posterior portions of the eye, which are geometrically different from one another. The eyeball was modeled as a hollow cavity contained within a supporting box. Along the eye cavity walls, a latitudinal and longitudinal grid pattern was etched into the plastic, forming grooved lines of equal longitudinal arc length. These lines aid in establishing a true, baseline measurement that can be used in the analysis of retinal image distortion. A proposal of continued investigation was outlined to include the methods for utilizing the eye model for image distortion quantification and analysis in Plaque Simulator™.
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