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Development of a programmed instructional unit on interacting with children for use in homemaking and occupational education Public Deposited

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  • The purpose of this study was to develop a programmed learning booklet concerned with the care of groups of young children. The instructional material was designed to be used in homemaking and occupational programs. The criteria for developing the program were (a) that it be geared to the student with no previous experience in playschools or day care centers, (b) that the reading level be at approximately the eighth grade level, and (c) that the content be appropriate and vital. The programmed material is in the branched form with most of the initial questions offering a choice of three different responses. The program covers seven different areas of working with young children. Each of the seven areas is covered in a separate booklet so each booklet can be utilized either singly or with the others to form a unit. The booklets are entitled; Health and Safety, Atmosphere, Consistency, Achieving Desired Actions, Giving Children Responsibility, Interaction and Acceptance. The initial program was written after consultation with specialists in the field of child development. The original program was then reviewed by four university home economics education staff members, a child development professor, a university nursery school teacher, two junior high homemaking teachers, two high school homemaking teachers of child development, and three home economics occupational education teachers. Eleven of the 14 contacted responded with comments and suggested improvements. In addition to the professionals, 14 ninth grade students at North Albany Junior High School in Albany, Oregon, used the programmed material in their homemaking class. The suggestions and comments of the professionals and the student responses were used as a basis for the revision of the programmed instructional unit. As the program was written, periodic checks were made to determine the reading level of the material. Ten samples were selected and analyzed with the Dale-Chall Formula for Predicting Readability. Analysis showed that the eighth grade was the highest reading ability required, while most of the programmed material was at the sixth to seventh grade level. The format of the program offers versatility in its use. The separate booklets allow individual parts of the program to be used alone as well as allowing the program to be used in its entirity. This programmed instructional unit can be used to initially expose students to working with groups of young children, as a review for more advanced students, and as a reference. To carry out the above uses, the program can be utilized as an independent study, a homework assignment, or make-up work for the absent student. As the need for more child care facilities grows, so grows the need for educated personnel to man the facilities. It is hoped that this programmed instructional material will help fill the gap of instructional material needed to efficiently educate personnel in caring for the young children of this nation as well as educate students to successfully assume the responsibilities of parenthood.
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