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High efficiency wideband low-power delta-sigma modulators Public Deposited

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  • Delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters traditionally have been used for low speed, high resolution applications such as measurements, sensors, voice and audio systems. Through continued device scaling in CMOS technology and architectural and circuit level design innovations, they have even become popular for wideband, high dynamic range applications such as wired and wireless communication systems. Therefore, power efficient wideband low power delta-sigma data converters that bridges analog and digital have become mandatory for popular mobile applications today. In this dissertation, two architectural innovations and a development and realization of a state-of-the-art delta-sigma analog to digital converter with effective design techniques in both architectural and circuit levels are presented. The first one is timing-relaxed double noise coupling which effectively provides 2nd order noise shaping in the noise transfer function and overcomes stringent timing requirement for quantization and DEM. The second one presented is a noise shaping SAR quantizer, which provides one order of noise shaping in the noise transfer function. It uses a charge redistribution SAR quantizer and is applied to a timing-relaxed lowdistortion delta-sigma modulator which is suitable for adopting SAR quantizer. Finally a cascade switched capacitor delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter suitable for WLAN applications is presented. It uses a noise folding free double sampling technique and an improved low-distortion architecture with an embedded-adder integrator. The prototype chip is fabricated with a double poly, 4 metal, 0.18μm CMOS process. The measurement result achieves 73.8 dB SNDR over 10 MHz bandwidth. The figure of merit defined by FoM = P/(2 x BW x 2[superscript ENOB]) is 0.27 pJ/conv-step. The measurement results indicate that the proposed design ideas are effective and useful for wideband, low power delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters with low oversampling ratio.
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