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A comparison of the effects of stretch duration and repetitions on hamstring extensibility

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  • The increase in tissue extensibility and joint range of motion through stretching has often been demonstrated. However, the existence of an optimal stretch duration has not been proven and the identification of an ideal number of repetitions of a stretch has received little attention in the literature. The purpose of this study was to examine and clarify the relationship of duration and number of repetitions of a stretch and their effect on changes in hamstring extensibility (HE) resulting from a stretching program. The HE of 33 subjects who were randomly assigned to a control group or one of three treatment groups was assessed before and after a three-week stretching program. The subjects in the three treatment groups stretched once a day, five times a week, and either once for 15 seconds (1 X 15), twice for 15 seconds (2 X 15), or once for 30 seconds (1 X 30). A repeated measures ANOVA showed no statistically significant effect for treatment group (P=0.181) or for treatment by pre- and post-treatment measurements (P=0.140), but indicated a significant difference between pre- and post-treatment measurements (P<0.001). The HE of the control group (which did not stretch) changed only slightly (0.9°, SD 5.7), the 1 X 15 and 1 X 30 groups improved more clearly (4.2°, SD 3.1 and 3.8°, SD 6.7, respectively), and the 2 X 15 group's HE increased the most (6.8°, SD 3.9). The results suggest that varying durations and repetitions of a stretch may influence the magnitude of improvement of HE. However, with the relatively low power (0.46) in the present study, no statistically significant difference between stretching protocols of 1 X 15 seconds, 2 X 15 seconds, and 1 X 30 seconds could be found.
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