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In the Wake of Cascadia: Overcoming the Challenges of Disaster Preparedness for the Visiting Population in Newport, Oregon Public Deposited

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  • Extensive research has been published on a large-scale Cascadia subduction zone (CSZ) rupture off the Oregon coast, including the requirements of evacuation, shelter, and mass care of a diverse coastal population due to earthquake and tsunami related hazards. Adequate preparedness centers around the understanding of a hazards characteristics, and the capacity to respond of the population and the systems which support it. This research explores the capacity to respond for Newport, Oregon given a visiting population that is plausibly unprepared, and at times reaching upwards of three times the local population. Through the examination of city, county, state, and federal preparedness documents, and interviews with city, county, and state stakeholders, this research proposes recommendations to reduce the vulnerability in Newport’s visiting population and increase the capacity of the community of Newport to respond to a future CSZ rupture. These recommendations include first prioritizing Newport’s preparation effort, for (1) successful evacuation of the inundation zone, (2) providing shelter and mass care for 30 days, and (3) transporting the visiting population out of the community. Second, educating the visiting population on preparedness, while simultaneously building a response capacity with waterfront businesses and their employees. Finally, utilizing the city’s schools as relief centers, as this may help both response and recovery.
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