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Exploring Security Metrics for Electric Grid Infrastructure Leveraging Attack Graphs Public Deposited

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  • Electric grid is a critical cyber-physical infrastructure that serves as lifeline for modern society. With the increasing trend of cyber-attacks, electric grid security has become a significant concern. Electric grid operators are working hard to reduce the risk of these attacks towards the system. Having security metrics for monitoring the risk to the cyber-physical power grid infrastructures would be very helpful to grid operators. However, security metrics to assess the security posture or risk to enterprise networks have been a long standing challenge. Cyber-physical systems (CPS) that have interconnected cyber and physical infrastructure add an additional layer of complexity. In this thesis work, we explore some security metrics that can be used to monitor the security posture and risk to CPS. These metrics take both the cyber security posture and physical impact of an attack in to account. We focused on both individual and coordinated attacks that can cause cascading outages. To evaluate these metrics, we created cyber physical models for 9-bus, 39-bus and RTS-96 power system models using the previously developed Cyber Physical Security Assessment (CyPSA) framework. Our metrics provide a novel way to identify and prioritize assets critical to the system and help operators take steps to improve the overall security posture of the system.
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