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An analysis of the effects of Boron and plant growth regulators on flower development in Filbert, Corylus avellana L.

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  • Three distinct stages of flower cluster abscission were identified prior to fertilization: flowers which did not begin development (stage 1), flowers which had begun development (stage II) and clusters which had begun to form distinct nuts (stage III). Abscission of stages I and II coincided with a rapid increase in leaf area. Abscission of stage III coincided with the rapid increase in ovary growth. A localized dominance effect appeared to occur among buds located in close proximity. This became evident when multiple buds occurred at the same node or when numerous buds were borne on catkin peduncles. Both 'Ennis' and 'Barcelona' averaged over one nut cluster per node when multiple flower clusters were borne on a catkin peduncle. GA₃, 50 ppm, induced multiple budding at nodes. Developing female flowers were inhibited from maturing and abscissed. Male catkin development was also inhibited but to a lesser extent. Significantly greater numbers of female flowers differentiated in August on those branches treated the previous spring with GA₃. Nuts per cluster was increased with daminozide (2000 ppm), however, daminozide, TIBA (50 ppm) and boron (one pound actual boron per acre) reduced nut size. Daminozide, boron and TIBA did not influence the percent set at any treatment date. Ethephon (500 ppm), increased set. At all three treatment dates it increased percent set. The May 30 application increased set 18 percent above the control. There was no influence on set the year after treatment as a result of any of the sprays.
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