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Influence of Political Liberalism on Contracting Prison Health Care Public Deposited

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  • Studies on prison contracting have typically focused on the privatization of entire facilities and carceral services offered to inmates. There has been limited research, however, as to how political ideology influences the extent to which state prisons contract out health care services. There also appears to be a need for further scholarship relating to how variation in health disparities among the incarcerated population influences a state or facility to seek outsourcing health care services. Since the 1980s the U.S. has witnessed increasing privatization, especially regarding prison management. Previous research suggests that conservative political ideology employs significant explanatory power in a state government’s decision to outsource public services to private firms. This essay will contribute to the literature by examining the effects of political liberalism on contracting out prison health care services in state prison systems. This study uses ordinary least squares regression analysis to examine the most currently available state-level data from all Departments of Corrections in the United States provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011. The analysis used in this study found political ideology to not hold significant explanatory power in the extent to which Departments of Corrections contract out health services.
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