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Design and Simulation of Nonlinear Control Strategies for Heaving Point Wave Energy Converters in WEC-Sim Public Deposited

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  • As the sources of our electricity shift from centralized and carbon emitting, to a portfolio of distributed, clean-energy sources, the wave energy converter (WEC) has become a topic of exploration and development for providing coastal communities electric power. Part of this trend has included an effort to create open source WEC modeling and simulation software. The Wave Energy Converter Simulator (WEC-Sim) provides a software solution for designing and simulating the various aspects related to wave energy, using linear wave theory and control strategies. This thesis represents a continuation of that effort and a contribution to WEC-Sim, demonstrating the use of nonlinear control strategies on wave energy converters. A fuzzy logic controller is designed and implemented in WEC-Sim, as well as a generally nonlinear control strategy for power-take-off (PTO) force. The nonlinear control models are intended for incorporation into WEC-Sim, as tutorials to provide WEC researchers an introduction to nonlinear control methods.
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