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Studies involving proteolysis by filbert extracts

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  • It has been reported recently that extracts of filbert nuts demonstrate considerable proteolytic activity on a non-fat milk solids substrate. The addition of these extracts to cheddar cheese, in an attempt to enhance the rate of ripening, has been suggested. In these experiments, the extracts of two varieties of filbert nuts, i.e. Du Chilly and Barcelona, were added to cheddar cheese samples at the milling stage of manufacture. The rate of proteolysis, in the cheese samples, was determined quantitatively by the increase in soluble protein content over a three month period. At the termination of these experiments a taste evaluation was performed on all cheese samples. A statistical analysis on the results of the soluble protein analyses showed that the proteolysis in the treated cheese samples was significantly greater than the proteolytic breakdown in the control samples. A defatted extract of Barcelona variety of filbert nuts was the most effective treatment of enhancing the proteolysis in the cheese samples. The results of the taste tests showed that no significant improvement in the flavor of the cheese resulted from the addition of filbert extracts.
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