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An investigation of educational television in Saudi Arabia

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  • The purpose of this study was the investigation of attitudes toward educational TV in Saudi Arabia. The sample population for the study was 444 male students, teachers' and administrators randomly selected from three educational districts (Mecca, Al-Madinah and Jeddah). The data collected were examined to determine attitudes toward three educational series on Saudi Arabian television: 1. To Whom the Cup 2. Our Students in the Field 3. The Guide to Success. A two-part questionnaire was developed and administered to the respondents. Part I was composed of reaction' opinion, comparisons and continuing questions. Part II consisted of a twenty-five item scale to measure attitudes toward educational TV. Results and conclusions. The two-ways ANOVA was used to determine the acceptance or rejection of the null hypotheses, based on the .05 level of significance. One of seven null hypotheses was rejected. A significant difference was found in attitudes toward educational TV between students from the three districts. One reason postulated for this difference was that Mecca and Al-Madinah are the Holy Cities of Islam, and people in the two cities tend to be more conservative and devoted to maintaining traditional Islamic values and customs. On the other hand, Jeddah is a commercially oriented city which has been subjected to a variety of western influences. All of the other null hypotheses were accepted: That there was no significant different in attitudes toward educational TV between students in the fields of science and the humanities and between teachers and administrators in the two fields and in the three districts. Findings determined from Part I of the questionnaire indicated that a significant part of the school population of Saudi Arabia favors additional and new educational television programming. There were significant criticisms of the quality and of the viewing times of current programming' a problem which could in part be alleviated by the institution of a new television channel dedicated to educational programming. Finally, students in particular wanted educational programming that was more closely related to the curriculum of their educational institutions.
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