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Indole-3-acetic acid in (2-chloroethyl)-trimethylammonium chloride-treated club wheat (Triticum aestivum compactum)

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  • Studies were conducted to verify the existence of IAA in wheat seedlings and to determine the effect of (2-chloroethyl)-trimethyl-ammonium chloride (CCC) on the IAA content of club wheat, Triticum aestivum compactum, variety Omar. The shoots of CCC-treated and untreated wheat plants were extracted with ethanol, the plant extract purified, separated by paper chromatography, and subjected to bioassay and color test. A refinement was made in the procedure for purifying plant extracts. Most of the pigments and lipid substances were removed from the alcoholic extract by partitioning with n-hexane. The acidic auxin fraction was further purified using column chromatography with basic alumina, WoeIm alumina, serving as the stationary phase. Direct bioassay of sections of chromatograms by the Avena elongation test revealed a growth promoting region on chromatograms developed in several solvent systems at a R[subscript f] comparable to the R[subscript f] of IAA. A colored spot having the developmental characteristics of IAA appeared on paper chromatograms at the same relative R[subscript f] zone upon spraying with a chromogenic reagent, p-dimethyl-aminocinnamaldehyde (DMAC). These tests provide substantial evidence that IAA is the principal acidic auxin in wheat foliage. Semi-quantitative tests using DMAC indicate that good recovery of IAA is possible using the purification procedure described. A positive color test was obtained on paper chromatograms with the equivalent of 0.05 micrograms of IAA carried through the procedure. A distinct colored spot was also obtained frorn the extract of a 20-gram sample of fresh wheat leaves. On the basis of the color test and the growth activity in the Avena elongation test, the concentration of IAA in the shoots of wheat seedlings was estimated at 1.5-3.0 X 10⁻³ micrograms per gram fresh weight. A comparison of the growth-promoting activities of wheat extracts in the Avena elongation tests showed that the IAA leveI of untreated wheat was greater than in CCC-treated wheat.
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