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Low Impact Development in the Ash Creek Watershed, Oregon : Feasibility Study and Implementation Tool Design Public Deposited

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  • This study presents potential Low Impact Development (LID) solutions for the Ash Creek watershed and designs several tools to assist localities in implementing the solutions they may choose. Ash Creek is a tributary of the Willamette River flowing through Dallas, Monmouth, and Independence in Polk County, Oregon. Currently, Ash Creek exists in a highly altered state due to historical channelization and urban development. As a result, frequent flooding threatens local roads and properties while excess nutrient and sediment levels threaten fish health and classify Ash Creek as “Impaired” by the EPA. LID is proposed as a solution because it can simultaneously address both water quantity and quality concerns, but has not yet been widely utilized in the watershed due to limited regulatory requirements of smaller municipalities. To learn more about the feasibility of LID implementation, this study details the findings from a series of interviews conducted with stormwater management stakeholders and a public focus group with local residents in the Ash Creek watershed. These findings, originally produced through an internship with the Luckiamute Watershed Council, were used to guide the selection of potential LID solutions to explore and LID implementation tools to design. This project is largely a preliminary study, meant to guide more formal investigations and site design in the future of any LID projects supported by the community.
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  • 17090007
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  • City of Independence
  • Ash Creek Water Control District
  • Water Resources Graduate Program Laurels Scholarship
  • City of Monmouth
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