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Chasing Tails: Stories for Refining Relationships Between Wolves & Humans Public Deposited

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  • As wolves return to their historic habitats both in Oregon and across the globe, emotions are running high between people either gladdened or disturbed by their homecoming. Prior to colonization, wolves occupied the entire Pacific Northwest alongside Indigenous peoples. However, European settlements that ultimately coalesced to form the state of Oregon were driven to eliminate wolves from the territory, ultimately succeeding in the 1940s. Despite these intentions, wolves have slowly been moving westward from Idaho, and as of 2019 Oregon now has over a hundred wolves and two new packs that have recently taken up residence in the Umpqua National Forest and in the Cascade Mountains. This research explores how individuals from various backgrounds relate to wolves through the realm of story in order to deepen our human and animal relationships in pursuit of compassionate cohabitation. These stories will explore the economic ramifications of wolf depredation on livestock, the cascading influence wolves have on their ecosystems, the deeply moral behavior of wolves towards their families, and the elements of restorative justice embedded within their return to Indigenous lands. This research, interwoven with history, science, policy and philosophy with a narrative flair, endeavors to create a more holistic understanding of what it means to be in relationship with our kin, the wolves.
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  • 2019-06-21 to 2020-07-21



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