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A Look into Spillover : The Effect of Supervisor Leadership on Subordinate Family Life Public Deposited

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  • According to Wang and Repetti (2013), American adults are working more hours per week than in decades past. Additionally, more people in each family must work to support their families (Patten, 2015). This has led to an increase in stress levels due to the strain that is placed on balancing work and family. Research that has been conducted on spillover has shown that work life can impact family relationships. If people enjoy their jobs, positive spillover is more likely to occur. However, if people are not satisfied with their jobs, negative spillover becomes more likely. This thesis examines spillover from the workplace to family life by applying Galvin, Dickson, and Marrow’s (2006) systems perspective. More specifically, this study explores the role of the supervisor in creating positive or negative spillover in their subordinates’ family lives. Three elements of supervisor leadership were examined. The current study tested whether supervisor motivation, incivility, and dominance/affiliation were correlated with family closeness, satisfaction, affection, and dominance/affiliation. The results of this study indicate that supervisor motivation and affiliation may cause positive spillover, while supervisor incivility may cause negative spillover. Since correlational testing was used, causality cannot be determined; nevertheless, it can be suggested. This study proposes the societal implications of ethical and competent leadership by supervisors at work.
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