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Hydraulic Jump Dynamics for Water Jet Impingement on Vertically Oriented Rotating Surfaces Public Deposited

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  • Silicon wafer cleaning is a ubiquitous unit operation in the semiconductor industry to remove excess material or nanoparticle impurities to obtain perfectly smooth and clean wafer surfaces. Extensive research has already been completed to understand the physics behind hydraulic jumps observed due to balance of forces when a coherent Newtonian or non-Newtonian jet impinges on a horizontal flat surface. With a need to clean surfaces that are vertically oriented such as industrial tanks and microelectronics processing equipment requiring a smaller “footprint”, researchers have shifted attention towards understanding the physics behind hydraulics jumps (in some literature, also called the ‘film jumps’) when a coherent horizontal jet impinges on a vertical flat surface. With participating forces like gravity, momentum and surface tension anticipated to play a role in defining the shape and size of such hydraulic jumps, the current work attempts to include the role of centrifugal force to understand the phenomenological dynamics of the hydraulic jump at different rotational speeds. Silicon wafers of varying surface characteristics, as determined from contact angle measurements, were studied and a summary of these observations will be presented. A phase diagram relating the Strouhal number (a function of rotational frequency) to the impinging jet Reynolds number has been developed to indicate regions where the hydraulic jump disappears.
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