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Transmission line tower location by digital computer methods using a parabolic approximation

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  • In this thesis, a digital computer method for locating transmission line towers is presented. The computer program selects the position of both angle and tangent type towers for a given ground profile. This selection will provide a minimum cost per foot of transmission line in terms of the average costs associated with the basic tower types only. Basically, this computer program consists of a mathematical simulation of the established manual 'Template Method' for representing the conductor sag characteristics with respect to a ground profile of the existing terrain features. The constraints imposed by the allowable conductor swing and tower side forces are investigated for violation as each span is determined by the computer. The foregoing features plus the ability to determine them rapidly with alternative tower selections are the major advantages of this computer program. The program consists of the following distinct algorithms to perform the general functions discussed below: 1) Locate the conductor position in such a manner that a specified minimum ground clearance is not violated in any span length. 2) Locate a tower at the best location on the given ground profile to support the above chosen conductor span. 3) Classify the tower type by examining the uplift condition, the conductor swing angle, the horizontal and vertical tower loads, and the position of angle towers. 4) Calculate the tower cost per unit distance covered for each span. The choice of towers and their location is determined by an iterative procedure that examines successively each tower type. An overlapping procedure is also used to avoid a span length that would be too short. The program was tested with a section of ground profile containing an obstruction and a void area. The results have been plotted and shown in this thesis.
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