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Influence of Bicyclist Presence on Driver Performance during Autonomous Vehilce Take-Over Requests Public Deposited

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  • Autonomous vehicles (AVs) may have the potential to mitigate a significant proportion of serious crashes which are due to human error or poor decision making behind the wheel. However, there are still many concerns associated with SAE Level 3 AVs that require intervention by a human driver after a take-over request (TOR). This concern intensifies when vulnerable road users such as bicyclists are introduced to the driving environment. The objective of this research was to investigate how human drivers interact with bicyclists during a right-turn maneuver after receiving a TOR. Changes in driver performance, including visual attention and crash avoidance, were measured using a high-fidelity driving simulator. Forty-three participants each completed 18 right-turn maneuvers. The time to react between the TOR and the intersection and bicyclist position on the approach to the intersection were varied. A distracting secondary task on a tablet was also introduced. In general, the results show the secondary task led to decreased driver performance with respect to time-to-collision and the time it took a driver to first identify the bicyclist on the roadway. When given more time to react before the intersection, drivers generally had safer interactions with the bicyclist.
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  • 2018-06-01 to 2020-07-02



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