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Optimization of Construction Equipment Efficiency and Cost using Simulation and Field Data Public Deposited

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  • Unlike other industries, overall efficiency of construction projects has been growing minimally which directly causes cost overruns of projects. Though reducing idle time and increasing operational efficiency of construction equipment could result in significant cost saving, there is lack of practical knowledge of adjusting operational efficiency and integrating cost and efficiency. Construction equipment being part of most of the construction activities play an important role in the success of construction project. This study therefore focuses on increasing efficiency of construction equipment and its effects on cost of equipment. The study also aims to present suggestions to improve efficiency for the activities utilized for this study. The suggestions presented could be generalized for other activities. The methodology of integration of cost and idle time presented in this study aims to relate cost of construction equipment with its efficiency. The results of this study include idle and non-idle time of equipment measured using accelerometer, idle time of equipment calculated using simulation and effects of wasteful hours on cost of equipment. The simulation was used to see the effects of different equipment fleet on idle time. Excavator I is responsible for contributing the least to the overall operation among all the equipment involved in this study. This is because, it was idle for more than 6 hours and, therefore wastes its operating and owning cost while its engagement in the activity. The results of the study present the following findings 1) Contractors should focus on allocating optimal number of equipment to reduce idle time 2) Proper planning of all resources including equipment operator is also required to increase efficiency of equipment. 3) Two Trucks should be used for the activity under study instead of one Truck to reduce overall necessary idle time of equipment and cost of all equipment involved in the activity. This could be achieved by running simulation of activity with different number of equipment and compare waiting time.
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