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Causative factors of color deterioration in strawberry preserves during processing and storage

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  • An effort was made to determine what factors are responsible for differences in color quality between preserves commercially manufactured from Hood and Tioga strawberry varieties. Color analyses made on Hood and Tioga preserves, during a 26 week storage period, included spectral measurements of aqueous extracts from the preserve samples. In addition, Hunter color coordinates were determined for both the insoluble residues (remaining after extraction) and the intact preserve samples. Color analyses revealed that color deterioration occurred at a much faster rate in Tioga preserves than in Hood preserves, and that this deterioration was due to a faster rate of browning in Tioga preserves. Complete chemical analyses of fruit revealed striking compositional differences between Hood and Tioga varieties. The concentrations of free amino acids and metal ions were found to be similar in both varieties. Ascorbic acid, which is believed by many to contribute significantly to color deterioration, was actually present in lower concentration in the Tioga variety. Anthocyanins were present in greater amounts in the Hood variety, while leucoanthocyanins, flavanols and total phenolics were higher in Tiogas. Recent work, primarily with wine and model wine systems, has shown that leucoanthocyanins, catechins, and possibly other reactive phenolics, will react with anthocyanins to form polymeric pigments. The results of this study are supportive of the hypothesis that a similar reaction in preserves (between anthocyanins and other phenolics) is responsible for color deterioration during storage.
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