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International students in a pathway program : perceived experiences in transitioning to U.S. higher education Public Deposited

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  • As the number of international students continues to increase on campuses throughout the world, many institutions are turning to pathway programs (college preparation programs) to ensure that these students are able to successfully transition into the host culture and campus environment (Andrade, 2006; Dooey, 2010; Hanover Research, 2010; Perez-Pena, 2014, March 11). While extensive research has been conducted on internationalization of campuses vis-à-vis the general international student population, few have focused specifically on pathway programs and the international students who participate in such programs (Dooey, 2010). Thus, this quantitative study was conducted to gain a better understanding of pathway programs and students. A total of 556 international students at a public research institution in the Pacific Northwest, of which 113 had participated in a pathway program, responded to a non-experimental cross-sectional survey which explored their transitional experiences. The results revealed that pathway students generally perceived having had positive experiences during their initial month of study at the institution, and their perception of positive experiences increased over time. Several statistically significant similarities and differences between perceived transitional experiences of pathway students and non-pathway students were also revealed. Over-all, pathway students felt that the program helped them prepare for study and life in the U.S. and a majority recommended pathway programs to other international students. These results suggest that pathway programs may be an effective means to provide support and facilitate international students' transition into a host institution and culture.
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