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Learning to Care : Applied Ethics for Improving Farmed Animal Welfare Public Deposited

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  • This thesis seeks to explore how an ecofeminist lens is currently the most useful approach for improving farmed animal welfare. Through examining Western conceptions of non-human animals, I seek to shed light upon the inconsistent treatment of domestic species. Species that are dependent upon us deserve, at a minimum, not to suffer and to be able to express their natural behaviors. Accepted norms surrounding the treatment of non-humans are rooted in unethical, outdated, and oppressive beliefs. Utilizing an ecofeminist perspective can move beyond the confines of traditional ethical theories, extending moral consideration and a right to live according to individual interests to all animals, human and non-human. Acknowledging relationships and practicing empathy provides a platform for seeking to improve welfare. As an illustration of an ecofeminist approach, the addition of simple housing enrichments has the potential to substantially improve the lives of farmed animals.
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