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Applying probability to a particular hiring practice

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  • Before we apply the laws of probability to hiring practices, a foundation of basic probability theory will be presented. In this presentation a number of theorems related to probability will be proven. These theorems are not necessarily applicable to the problem which follows; however, they are basic to probability theory and any discussion of probability would be incomplete without them. The particular problem which follows the discussion of probability theory is only one of many that could have been chosen. The purpose of the chapter is to show that probability can be applied to hiring practices of an employer who uses a method similar to the one mentioned. Its practicality is also shown by arriving at a function which in turn can be programmed for a computer. As the reader continues into Chapter I, he should keep in mind that the use of only basic probability theory was intended; therefore, the greater part of the discussion will be devoted to the science of counting and, although the solution is stated in terms of probability, the solution will be arrived at mainly through the science of counting.
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