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  • This dissertation focuses on personal privacy in human-robot interaction, which we call "privacy-sensitive robotics." Our understanding of "privacy" is very broad, including not just information privacy but also physical, psychological, and social privacy. We begin by surveying the scholarly literature on privacy and talking about why it applies to interactions with robots. We then make five contributions to help launch privacy-sensitive robotics as an emerging area of research --- one from a literature review, three from empirical studies, and one about the future of privacy-sensitive robotics research: 1. We begin by presenting the current state of the art in privacy protection technologies (whether or not they were designed as such) from the literature. 2. Our first study found differences in usability and user preference between three different interfaces for specifying user privacy preferences to a robot. 3. Our next study showed how the contextual "framing" of an action affects whether people see it as a privacy violation. 4. Our third and final study documents the process of forming beliefs about the robot's sensing capabilities and identifies some key aspects of this process for further study. 5. Finally, we give a set of recommendations for developing privacy-sensitive robotics as a research area. These five contributions are linked by the goal of privacy-sensitive robotics research: to enable a future in which robotics technology upholds and respects our privacy. We close with a call to action for potential privacy-sensitive robotics researchers.
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