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  • The purpose of this dissertation was to contribute to understanding the client's experience of power in their therapeutic relationships with mental health professionals. The manuscript in Chapter 2, A Critical Metasynthesis of the Qualitative Research on the Client's Experience of Power in the Therapeutic Relationship, used qualitative metasynthesis to review a pool of qualitative studies on the therapeutic relationship through the lens of critical theory. It was found that all results could be accounted for with a lens of power despite the mention of power in only five of the 17 sets of results. Specifically, a two-part schema was created that described the types of power and general consequences of power. Chapter 3 is a manuscript entitled, The Client's Experience of Power in the Therapeutic Relationship: Five Consequences. This article explored partial results from a critical qualitative grounded theory study that explored 10 participants' experience of power in their therapeutic relationships. Data analysis revealed a central category, "the negotiation of power," that best described how participants experienced power in the therapeutic relationship. The results also described five strategies or consequences that are a result of the negotiation of power. The implications, limitations, and areas for future research related to each manuscript are explored. The two manuscripts are joined by their common focus on power in the therapeutic relationship and are bookended with an introduction and a conclusion.
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