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Modeling and experimental validation of supercapacitors for use in an in-lab grid developed for wind integration applications

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  • The fast growth of wind energy utilization has necessitated research into wind energy integration. Due to the variable nature of wind and the forecasting challenges, it is desirable to utilize wind energy alongside energy storage sources for reliable wind energy integration. This work details the design of a 25 kW supercapacitor storage system that is integrated into an in-lab grid. The in-lab grid, which features high power sources and loads, was developed to research methods aimed at optimizing wind energy production while increasing the predictability of wind farm outputs. In order to predict the performance of the storage system for purposes of ensuring its efficient and safe use, a model representing the supercapacitor is required. This work also develops and validates a model for a supercapacitor which is used in characterization, lifetime and Matlab/Simulink simulation testing. The results from testing identify the supercapacitor's electrical and electrochemical properties as well as their degradation rates. These are then used to provide estimates for an expected performance of the storage system.
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